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In fact I'm pretty confident that each car from rally history was there, from the Big and famous all conquering Quattro's and Group B machines to several WRC cars, There is a variety of high power 500bhp and 600bhp+ rally cross cars, I only heard them unfortunately. There is even some machines I'd never heard of old Volvo's and Ladas. There is a fascinating little hatchback machine called a Talbot, Some had Lotus Badges to them, which looked exactly such as the old-school Rear wheel drive Toyota Starlets. I saw the seemingly common but incredibly elusive Lotus Cortina's.


No matter what generation you're from, whether your 10, 18, or 81+, I'm sure you'd recognise lots of the rally cars there, right right from the start of the entire rally scene. The all time conquering Mini Monte Carlo was there, I'm uncertain if it was the genuine one from back in the 60's or not, but it was still kitted out with all the current rally gear. The Original one is reportedly worth somewhere in the region of £60, 000+, For a Mini! ?.It is just a very Special machine indeed, it's got an appeal and charisma about this all it's own. I'd never seen a real Renault Alpine A110 till then, there is a couple there, and one of them was out on the track when these were doing the full time trials on the course they'd setup. First thing that got me was how incredibly small they're, I would of missed them altogether had someone not pulled up next if you ask me in a single, this jolly chap pointed yet another out if you ask me, and it was well hidden behind the Talbots. It did look superb though.

I had a sudden rush of childhood memories when I saw the Camel Trophy 406, until I saw it at the rally day; I believed it was purely a toy. I used to always play with this little yellow 406 all day on end, I simply really liked it for many reason. It's actually huge though, it looked like one of many cars you'd see on the Dakar rally, big wheels, big engine, big lofty body, It was pretty quick and manoeuvrable considering it's colossal size.

Certainly one of, or even the biggest crowd drawers had to be the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, or rather Prodrive V8 Vantage. It really seemed illogical and unique. The Public idea of Aston Martin is prestige, performance, excellence and class. The racing side of Aston Martin isn't much different, you always see the DBR9 with the likes of Jaguar, TVR and Lotus to name a few. It's a gentleman's car. So to notice it amongst the rally report homepage scene is just a bit---odd, seeing that rally cars are heavily predicated on common family cars you see everywhere. Even weirder is the actual fact it's built and manufactured by Prodrive, who's internationally renowned for developing the Subaru World Rally cars. None the less this was an impressive machine, sight and sound. There is something very fresh about seeing this kind of thoroughbred car alongside Ford Anglia's, MGs, Peugeots and Subaru's-Quite literally.

I Spent ages trying to find the Lancia Delta's, there have been a couple out on course but I thought that was it, I was very disappointed considering I'd seen just about every other conceivable rally car. Eventually after much persistence and running around I discovered tons of of them hidden away near the pit entrance. I was looking to see all these parked alongside the Lancia Stratos'and Celica GT-Fours. I was confident I'd see the famous Martini Racing Liveried one that has to be one of many definitive Rally cars for me, unfortunately it wasn't there. I also thought there could of been a lot more than there is, I really could probably count the amount of Delta's there on my two hands. They're alot rarer than I thought.